Beautiful book covers, designed especially for you…

I truly believe that every aspiring author and self publisher who has taken the time, effort and dedication to write a book deserves the right to have high quality, eye-catching, beautiful book covers, photography and striking book launch graphics.

DOES any of these sound familiar?

You need a book cover...
But trying to design one yourself is time consuming and HARD! Design software is confusing, annoying and everything you do just doesn't look as good as you want it to! Grrrghhh! I get it. Help is at hand... 

Stand out. Sell more.

Every author should be able to benefit from a beautiful book cover design, not just the lucky few who get signed by a big publishing house who could restrict your artist privileges and earning potential.

With my help, extensive knowledge and expertise, you’ll receive a beautiful cover, visuals and launch graphics. Coupled with your hard work of writing something to be proud of, your book will create a legacy for years to come….



Communicate a huge amount of information quickly with Professional Photography which incorporates you, your book, your business & your brand. 


Create impact with your book cover with innovative design & showcase how you are the professional, credible and knowledgable expert in your field.


Make a statement by showcasing your book online, in magazines and on your website with professional mock-ups and digital graphics.

Imagine the feeling of holding your shiny new book in your hands, for the VERY first time.

I love nothing more than seeing the pure joy when clients receive their book cover design.

A stunning book cover to be proud of is available to you too.

“Sarah is truly one of a kind and the secret weapon in my business. Her role is key to the success of every book launch within Authors & Co and the book covers, images and designs she creates are incomparable. Her approach is intuitive and everything she creates is nothing short of magical! 

She’s my go-to book designer and professional photographer for everything I do and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Online Creative Call
  • Book Cover Design Process
  • Launch Graphics (10 graphics incorporating your book in mock-ups and visuals)

As soon as I am provided with all the necessary information, your cover will be complete within 14 days.

Of course! Although my availability is a little restricted as I split my time between New York and the U.K.

If you are having book cover design and photography with me, you are entitled to a discount so please contact me in advance.

My book design package starts at £650 and includes:

  • Online Creative Call
  • Book Cover Design Process
  • Launch Graphics (10 graphics incorporating your book in mock-ups and visuals)


If both parties have explored all options and are unable to create something you are not entirely happy with, you will be provided with a partial refund to cover the time spent working on your concepts.

Of course! I work closely with photographers to ensure you get the best possible results for your experience with me.

“I am delighted! It’s exactly what I had envisioned…”

I had dreamt about my cover for months and had an exact visualisation of how my book cover would look. Thanks to Sarah, all my thoughts and aspirations were brought to life through your professional photography, creative vision and amazing design skills! 

I’ve received so many compliments about my book and it matches my brand perfectly. It’s everything I hoped for and I can proudly showcase it wherever I go.  

The book cover is perfect, my images amazing and the overall experience with you has made really special. Thank you. 



Helping you create impact and and un-forgettable impression with beautiful style, design and a book cover to be proud of.

That’s worth a conversation, right?