I’m certainly not a morning person but I’m determined to break some bad habits this year:

✖️ Hitting the snooze button 💤
✖️ Drinking 3 cups of tea before speaking ☕️
✖️ Reading & responding to emails from bed 📱🛌
✖️ Sitting at my desk alllllll day without taking a breath

I’m also not usually a goal setter either (although I always start with good intentions) because I’ve realised over the years of trying… I have a fear of failure (can’t believe I’ve confessed that here🥺).


This year is different, I’m different and I FEEL different. I started a lifestyle change 3 weeks ago because although the move to New York is incredible, I VERY quickly formed bad habits…

I STOPPED MOVING! My daily dog walks stopped, my commute to the studio stopped, I stopped taking breaks and I didn’t move from my office chair for hours at a time.

I’VE BEEN EATING CRAP! Yes… I choose the dirty burgers, fast food, pretzels and all the naughty foods because it’s easier (and cheaper) than making an effort to cook from scratch.

My bad? No, it’s an easy trap to fall in to but I also very quickly got ill, had no energy and felt horrible.

So, I’ve made a choice to form new habits. I’m taking baby steps because I’m not going to fail at this lifestyle change…


✔️ To move much more by exercising
✔️ To fuel my body so I feel energised
✔️ To take time to breathe so that I can focus
✔️ To disconnect to be present & connected

Today was the first morning I got up, drank water and went for a run before I started anything else in my day. SHOCK HORROR – I survived!! 🤯😱🤣

For anyone else who is making lifestyle changes, fancy taking some baby steps with me? Let me know how you’re getting on if you need some moral support!! Cheering YOU on too!